Screed floor

Need a good-quality solid flooring? It is all about the right screed!

Screeding is the process of leveling (a floor or layer of concrete) with a straight edge using a back and forth motion while moving across the surface. Floor screed is more likely to be used as a finishing product on top of a hard floor concrete base and usually, after full drying process, screed floor is covered by wood laminate or tiles.

When to use screeding? Here you have some of main directions where the screeding can be very useful:

  • Heated floor - the heating parts in underfloor heating systems are enclosed by a specially designed screed.
  • Gardening
  • Landscape
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses, etc.

Main advantages of a screed floor

  • Long term of service life (more than 30 years)
  • High durability
  • Soft surface with no junctures
  • Resistance to humidity, mechanical and chemical loads
  • No special care needed
  • Materials constituting the content of the screed are not burnable and dangerous
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Latex floor

Ideal surface? Choose latex floor for your home, office or production premises

Latex screeds are self-leveling compounds, usually a mix consisting of a liquid latex and a powder (two component mix, part A hardener, part B base). Perfect recipe for a flat finish. Also used for the repair and restoration of existing floor surfaces.

When to use latex screeding?
This type of screed is compatible to all sectors of the building industry and can be furnished as a combination with other screed systems or simply as an individual item.

  • Medical and science laboratories
  • Commercial stores, showrooms
  • Food Preparation Areas (home kitchen or bars/restaurants)
  • Washrooms, toilets
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Factories, etc.

Main advantages of a latex floor

  • Easy use with quick result
  • Ideal surface
  • Hardness and wear resistance
  • Complete absence of shrinkage
  • Minimum thickness - only 5 mm, which is indispensable for rooms with low ceilings
  • Perfect solution for uneven or damaged floors
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Resin floor

Strong finish? We can help you with a resin floor!

A resin floor is a resilient chemical resistant floor finish, stronger than concrete, which combines with the concrete to form one continuous stratum. The resins are assimilated into the concrete, continuing their reaction below the surface. Providing the concrete is prepared properly it becomes impossible to separate the resin layer from the concrete.

When we need resin floor? Here you have some of main locations:

  • Medicine & pharmaceutical areas
  • Restaurants, food&drink area
  • Leisure resorts buildings
  • Rail, car parks
  • Warehouses, engineering, manufacturing
  • Suitable for wet, oily, and contaminated areas, etc.

Main advantages of a resin floor

  • High resistance to UV light, temperatures of up to 80°C
  • Fast cure time in specific conditions (till -30°C)
  • Hermetic
  • Exceptionally hygienic
  • Perfect for all design ideas
  • Easy to maintain
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